Top 5 Movies You Don Not Want To Miss In 2017

Hollywood promises 2017 will be better than before and if the below movies are anything to go by, then we are in for the time of our lives in theatres around the world. Here are the top 5 movies you have to watch in 2017:

1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast

Release date: March 17, 2017

Lead roles: Emma Stevens and Dan Watson

This 18thCentury classic will leave you breathless as Belle (Emma Watson) is taken prisoner by an ugly beast in exchange for her father’s freedom. She has no choice but to learn to look beyond physical appearance in order to escape the hunter who wants to keep her for himself. With time she learns how to see the prince within the beast. The process is one that leaves you love struck as the human prince within the beast comes to be.

Directed by Bill Condon, the movie features some of Hollywood biggest names such as: Luke Evans (Gaston), Ian Mckellen (Cog worth) Ewan McGregor (Lumiere) and many more. This goes without saying that it must be among the top films to see in 2017.

2. Fast Furious 8

Fast and Furious 8

Release date: April 14, 2017

Lead roles: Vinn Diesel (Dominic Toretto), Dwayne Johnson (Luke Hobbs) Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kurt Russel, Scott Eastwood, Charlize Theron, Hellen Mirren.

Marking the first franchise of this show since Paul Walker passed on; the thrill is expected to be the same or over the edge. This thus, lands the movie that you have to watch in 2017. The movie is set in New York City. It is however following the usual filming in different parts of the world, we are set to see some parts shot on Havana, Cleveland and Atlanta.

This is a must see movie that promises a lot of action and speed! Going by its predecessors in the same franchise, you definitely cannot afford to miss it.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Release date: June 2, 2017

Lead roles: Gal Gadot (Princes Diana or Wonder woman) Chris Pine as (Steve Trevor)

Gal Gadot plays the lead role of a princess of Themyscira; she is an immortal warrior who is set to stop a world war whose existence she learns from the washed up pilot who ends up in Themyscira after his plane crashes. In this movie, wonder woman learns her true destiny and is able to know the extent of her powers. A bit of love never hurts and as her emotional intelligence grows, she surpasses her own understanding and leaves everyone in awe.

This classic with aspects of World War 1 instead of the usual World War 2 setting is among the movies to watch in 2017. It is epic and will leave you enthralled and begging for more.


4. Spider Man – Home coming

Spiderman - Homecoming

Release date: July 7, 2017

Lead roles: Tom Holland (Peter Parker/ Spider man), Michael Keaton (Adrian Toomes Vulture) Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/ iron man)

This super hero film franchise continues to wow superhero movie lovers. In this movie, Peter Parker with the help of his mentor Tony Stark tries to settle in as a normal high school student in New York City, however a new threat to security comes in the name of Vulture. Peter Parker has to handle him with his alter persona as Spiderman

The thrill, suspense and action clearly say that John Watts the director has clearly outdone himself. He has managed to give theatres and movie lovers one of the movies that is worth to go to the cinema in 2017.

5. Logan


Release date: March 3, 2017

Lead roles: Hugh Jackman (Logan), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Stephen Merchant (Caliban) Elizabeth Rodriguez and Daphne Keene

Logan another superhero movie meant to be a franchise of the X- Men series. It is the last of the Wolverine solo movies that show mainly focus on his youth and his prime. In this one, Logan is struggling to fit in as a driver on the Mexican border as he hides from his past and his destiny; primarily who he is. However he cannot hide when a woman asks for his help as a young mutant is being sort by dark forces and thus he has to act.

The action that follows as Logan tries to help the mutant places this movie in the 5 popular movies in 2017.