Top 10 Movie Directors Of All Time

The silver screen has developed from pioneering silent films into orchestrated musicals and has taken us deep into space for one purpose: diversion. Before the improvement of celluloid, which permitted motion pictures to be made, stories were told verbally and left to the creative ability. After the silent film period, another breed of directors emerged to make movies as we probably are aware them today. The following are top 10 movie directors of all time.

Top 10 Movie Directors In The Movie Industry

1. Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone

Stone served in the Vietnam War as an infantry unit where he got two injuries. He was awarded the Purple Heart decoration and the Bronze Star for extraordinary acts of bravery under the flame. His passion and experience of Vietnam are what exceeded expectations his movies. Stone has directed other films such as

• The Doors,

• World Trade Center, and

• Natural Born Killers,

• Wall Street.

Stone political and is also revered as one of the film business’ toughest and vivacious directors.


2. Quentin Tarantino

quentin tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is the most intelligent film director. Desensitizing violence and using non-straight storylines, Tarantino effortlessly became one of the most recognizable and charming directors. Films such as

• Jackie Brown,

• Pulp Fiction,

• Reservoir Dogs, and

• The Kill Bill

This last series showcased Tarantino’s ability to follow multiple storylines without a moment’s delay leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Numerous commentators claim Tarantino just knows blood, guts, and power; however, this genre of film is what made him sensational.



3. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith came with his long-standing group at View Askew productions and official producer Scott Mosier. Smith started little with a budget under $24,000 to make Clerks, which saw immense success. Smith utilizes the same throws in most of his movies:

• Jason Mewes,

• Jason Lee,

• Matt Damon,

• Ben Affleck,

• Jeff Anderson,

• Brian O’Halloran,

• Scott Mosier, and

• Ethan Suplee.


4. M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan broke onto the scene with his chilling suspense film The Sixth Sense. As far back as then, his movies have matched spiritual themes and plot twists with astounding and unexpected endings. His films he has directed include:

• Unbreakable,

• Signs,

• The Village,

• Lady in the Water, and

• The Happening

These movies exhibited Shyamalan’s tenacity and elasticity to have the capacity to bounce over from harshly reprimanded films.


5.Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Diminish Jackson is known for his larger-than-life epic tales. The Lord of the Rings series, the trilogy that made Peter Jackson, set the new standard of trilogies, similarly as Star Wars and the Godfathers had done. Jackson is one of six directors to win an Oscar for delivering, directing, and writing in the same year. His directed movies like,

• Return of the King and

• Re-making of King Kong

This movie netted approximately $550 million worldwide.


6. Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott is the best directors about tender loving care. His titles incorporate

• Thelma and Louise,

• Alien,

• Blade Runner,

• Gladiator,

• Black Hawk Down,

• Matchstick Men,

• The Kingdom of Heaven,

• American Gangster, and

• The body of Lies.

Scott is accustomed to various and long takes, and often scrutinizing actors and actresses for not conveying flawless performances.


7. Chris Columbus

Chris Columbus

Chris Columbus is an often neglected director, who is credited with such films as:

• Home Alone and Home Alone 2:

• Lost in New York,

• Bicentennial Man,

• Stepmom,

• Mrs. Doubtfire, and

• Harry Potter.

In spite of the fact that Columbus has directed popular movies, he seems to fall by the wayside while being mentioned as an established and extraordinary director.


8. Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie

Ritchie does not follow a direct storyline, often moving around the times, stories, and giving you bits of the puzzle to assemble during the movie. His body of work includes

• Snatch,

• Swept Away,

• Revolver,

• RocknRolla, and

• Sherlock Holmes.

Presenting multiple facets and commands of the English dialect, Ritchie’s films have an authentic feel and stand out from the crowd of common suspects.


9. Joel and Ethan Coen

Joel and Ethan Coen

The movies they directed have seen admirable success such as;

• Barton Fink,

• Raising Arizona,

• The Big Lebowski,

• The Ladykillers,

• Fargo,

• O Brother Where Art Thou?, and

• No Country for Old Men.

These two brothers have a similar vision for their movies. Never disappointing their audiences, the Coen brothers have reached into numerous genres of film and continue to see success. They are among not very many directors who have both directed a movie and won the Academy Award for Best Director.


10. Spike Lee

Spike Lee

Spike Lee is a director, producer, essayist, and actor. His films cover topics such as:

• urban-life,

• crime,

• racial issues, and

• Those living in poverty.

Hard-hitting Spike Lee brings the issues up front for each to assess for themselves.